Alzheimer's can be a traumatic diagnosis for anyone, and even more so for the immediate family who are often the primary caregivers. For 87-year-old Yogendra Chaudhry and his son Paresh, 84-year-old Lata's ailment is heart-breaking. For Yogendra, theirs was a union that was blessed by all, and for Paresh, his mother was a person who was always poised and unfazed by any situation. Yogendra's care has helped Lata revive her passion for painting and her vibrant artwork fills the walls of their home. As she spends hours on her art, she seems to be transported to a different world. Her present may be full of memories of the past, but the love that surrounds her life, keep her at her creative best. When Paresh comments that she wakes up every morning brimming with optimism, Lata responds, What's not to love in this life?

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