Rudolph, a stuffed white-spotted fawn that resembles Bambi, means the world to four-year-old Nico Lavalle. When Nico went walking with his mother and two-year-old brother Santiago at the Rideau Canal, Rudolph went flying. Santiago took the stuffed animal and accidentally chucked it over the railing onto the snow-covered ice of the canal below. Tears poured from Nico's eyes. There was no way to retrieve the toy; public signs warned of fines for trespassing. Returning home, his mother took to social media and shared news of the incident, soliciting help on what could be done. Suggestions flooded in. Someone contacted the National Capital Commission and little Rudolph was rescued, albeit iced frozen from being out in the cold for a week. After thawing, Nico was able to pick up Rudolph from the National Capital Commission. Nico's mother said, "[My kids] are growing up knowing that other people have our backs and other people care, and that's really heartwarming."

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