Robert Kapen, of Los Angeles, Calif., US, just accomplished a feat many would be proud of – he scaled Machu Picchu. What makes it more impressive is that Kapen became a wheelchair user after he suffered a brain stem stroke 10 years ago. After he beat the odds of even surviving the stroke, he recovered some movement and regained the ability to communicate, eat, operate a motorized wheelchair and write a book. Next, he set his sights on some outdoor adventuring; a new set of wheels helped him realize his dream. The AdvenChair is an “all-terrain” human-powered wheelchair, which is designed to help people with mobility challenges to venture into the wild. Kapen and his wife Nelly tried it out at Machu Picchu. The trip up the mountain presented challenges, but with help from other visitors, the couple completed the ascent. Now that travel has again become possible, Kapen wants to visit the Amazon, Banff National Park, Hawaii, Yellowstone and Australia.

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