Solar power will contribute half of the 46.1 gigawatts of new utility-scale electric generating capacity to be added to the US power grid in 2022, with natural gas contributing 21% and wind 17%, says the US Energy Information Administration. Nuclear power will add 5%. The 2022 growth of US utility-scale solar generating capacity (21.5 GW) surpasses the 15.5 GW solar contributed in 2021, with most of it in Texas and California. Almost all of the 9.6 GW of the new natural gas-fired capacity is located in Ohio, Florida, Michigan, and Illinois. In 2021, a record-high 17.1 GW of wind capacity came online, and another 7.6 GW is scheduled in 2022 with about half of it located in Texas. US utility-scale battery storage capacity is expected to grow by 5.1 GW, or 84%, in 2022.

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