Pianist Ruth Slenczynska is releasing a new album at age 97; she gave her first recital at age 4. She has been performing since the 1920’s, when she was heralded as one of the of the greatest child prodigies since Mozart. Her concerts were “an electrifying experience,” wrote the New York Times after one early concert, “something nature has produced in one of her most bounteous moods.” Slenczynska played a four-handed Mozart duet with President Harry S. Truman, performed at President John F. Kennedy’s inauguration, and was recognized by President Ronald Reagan as the first American woman to celebrate a 50-year concert career. “The fact that she is still at the top of her game over nine decades later is extraordinary. It’s very hard to think of anyone, in any profession, who has achieved such a sustained period of excellence,” said Laura Monks and Tom Lewis, co-presidents of the Decca Label Group.

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