What was once a seaside resort 2,000 years ago for wealthy Romans is now the world’s largest underwater museum. In the waters of the Gulf of Pozzuoli, near Naples, Italy, lies ancient Roman mosaics. This was part of the city of Baia before it submerged due to volcanic activity known as, “Bradyseism, that caused the land to submerge, or rather it is the land that submerged was replaced by the sea,” explains Fabio Pagano, director of the Archeological Park of Campi Flegrei. Some of the artifacts have been brought above sea by archeologists hoping to protect them from rock-eating marine organisms, strong tides and thieves, but copies have been placed underwater for visitors enjoyment. There is still much to be discovered of the submerged city and next spring an excavation will take place that hasn’t happened since the 1980’s. The underwater park has about 15,000 visitors a year.

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