In Sanford, Florida, police officers help community members in any way they can. Officers buy citizens a cup of coffee, a sandwich, a blanket, or a bicycle. They had been paying for these things out of their own pockets, but the police department now purchases Visa debit cards, which the officers can give out when people require help. These Compassion Cards let the police support community members in unique ways. Officers Torres and Bolen used a Compassion Card to help a citizen have her dog euthanized after it was hit by a mail truck. Without that assistance, the woman had no idea how she could afford the veterinarian services for the injured dog. "Yes, I mean we're not robots. You know, we're human beings. We're police officers, we respond to these situations," Officer Torres said. "We are here for them and this is just another way for us to provide, you know, needed services to them," said Lieutenant Peter Justiniano.

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