A 27-year pilot, Zak Khogyani, knows the terror of having to flee Afghanistan as a boy. So, while watching the news about the Afghanistan situation in the summer of 2021, he said, "I knew I had to do something." He took part in three round-trip flights, flying more than 1,000 refugees to the United States. He spent time in the cockpit as well as the cabin, translating for people and bringing them great comfort. Khogyani expressed, "The overwhelming thing that they conveyed was that one, that they were very proud of me, which was very humbling, and also that I gave them a lot of hope to see that someone who left under similar circumstance and had overcome similar obstacles ... and succeeded in life." 8,000 volunteers from United Airlines donated necessary supplies. And by his third flight, nurses and paramedics volunteered on board. "To walk to the aft galley to just check to see how things are going and to see five little girls sitting on the galley floor and flight attendants braiding their hair is a moment I will never forget," Khogyani remarked.

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