Twenty-five years ago, then 8-year-old, Joanna Buchan, from Aberdeenshire, Scotland dropped a bottle with a note in it from a fishing boat off Peterhead for a school project. Reaching its final destination, 800 miles away at Gasvaer in northern Norway, Elena Andreassen Hagga found it in the summer of 2020. "My son Eliah was six when we found the bottle, he honestly didn't quite understand the fuss at first -- old-fashioned fun I guess.” Posting a Facebook message to Joanna, she only recently saw it saying she found the "absolute gem of a message" from Elena, dating back to 2020, while scrolling through the message requests. "I vaguely remember doing a message in a bottle at Peterhead Central School that we sent off Peterhead in 1996," she added. "I was like 'that's my handwriting'." The letter included details about her "rather big house", and her love of teddy bears. "When I read it I just died laughing", she said. "There's some really lovely lines in there, like what was important to me at the time. I wish I could tell my teachers of the time, whose idea it would have been."

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