In January, 76-year-old Sikka Khan reunited with his brother, 84-year-old Sadiq Khan, after 75 years. The two had been separated from each other during the traumatic partition events in 1947, when British India split into two independent states: India and Pakistan. Pakistani YouTuber, Nasir Dhillon, whose channel, Punjabi Lehar, aims to reconnect Pakistani and Indian families that were divided by the partition, came across their story and shared it on social media. His write-up was picked up by Dr. Jasgir Singh, who lives in the same village as Sikka Khan. The efforts of the two men resulted in a visa being granted to Sikka Khan, who is now planning a visit to his brother's home. My mother's soul must be feeling relieved that I am visiting my brother's house in Pakistan, he said. I will carry the message of love for my brother from the Phulewala village. Everyone in the village treats him as family.

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