Norma Matthews and Edith Edy Antoncecchi are twins who have been sisters for 100 years and counting! And to be clear it's Edy not Edie because of the word die. They may look alike but their personalities are quite different. Norma is spry and Edy is reserved. Although Edy was the first to arrive at birth, even before the doctor arrived! As children, Norma was an artist and Edy played piano. As adults, Norma was a hairdresser and wore clothes like a movie star. Edy, was a nurse and a gentle, natural caretaker. They got married the same year and although they wanted a joint wedding, Norma married a protestant and religious reasons kept that from happening. They had children the same year. After 51 years of marriage, their husbands died months apart. They moved into the same mobile home park in Florida, eventually moving into the same mobile home, where they still live. "Loving people is the most important thing," Norma says. "No, actually, forgiveness is. And it's the hardest thing. But if you don't forgive, it will eat your soul." That's what she wants people to know. We couldn't be without each other, Norma states. We came together, Edy says, we go together.

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