Robin Hughes, a kindergarten teacher from Riverview, Florida brought the joy of snow not just to her class but to the whole school. Realizing most of her students had never seen snow she decided to change that. Calling her sister, Amber Estes, in Louisa, Kentucky, she asked for her to mail some snow if it snowed that year. Turns out 10 inches fell, so Robin asked Amber to build a snowman for her classroom. Thus was born “Lucky” who was flown priority USPS in a temperature controlled package with ice. Arriving intact, the kids received him with utter wonderment. “I was so excited because he made it and just the pure joy [the kids] had seeing this snowman,” Hughes told The Post. “They wanted to touch him. ‘Is he coming to life?’ [they asked].” Kept cold in the school cafeteria he is brought out for different classes to demonstrate the majesty of snow. Lucky will be melted on Earth Day upon a newly planted garden on the Kindergarten’s property.

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