Two years ago, Jessie Pruden suffered a knee injury that forced her to leave behind her job in the restaurant industry. During that time, she taught herself to bead from her living room in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It soon became a full-time hobby. And much more. She would start an online business called Bead n' Butter to sell beaded earrings. Her work later attracted the attention of retailer Flying Solo who offered Pruden a spot at Paris Fashion Week, a fashion event held semiannually in Paris. "Taking my little, small business that started in my living room to Paris feels really intense and really amazing," she said. Pruden identifies as queer, Mtis, and disabled, which she believes are all important parts of her character that she channels into her designs. She will join the event with her brother, Nol Pruden, and a few friends who are helping with processing orders and managing finances.

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