There was a mystery brewing in Grand Chute, Wisconsin, US. Melody Luttenegger and her family were new to the neighborhood and were surprised when, week after week, their garbage cans kept reappearing at their house after the trash was picked up. Melody became determined to find out who was doing this regular gesture of kindness. So, just before Christmas, she picked up a small gift and waited outside one trash day, hoping to meet the mysterious stranger and give them a gift. The mystery garbage man turned out to be 75-year-old Dick Pontzloff, a neighbor who lives a few streets over. He told her that when he retired, he got tired of doing nothing, so he started going around and returning everyone's garbage cans. "Just be nice to people. It's just what you gotta do. Just think if you were at home and you needed someone for help," Pontzloff said.

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