“We have to go. We have to run for our lives," Warren Williams told his wife, Yvonne, as the thick smoke of the Colorado Marshall Fire shrouded their home. Still inside the paddock were Yvonne's beloved Peruvian Paso horses, Cando and Cango. For years, the two considered them as family. Now the couple had to evacuate the region. Yvonne couldn't conceive of the possibility of them being burned alive. They were unable to sleep at an overnight hotel, until a cellphone rang. “It’s divine intervention,” Warren told his wife. A woman called to let them know their horses were saved from the flames. Though they were singed, hurt, and bleeding, Cando and Cango were alive nonetheless. The lady, named Whitney, had joined her boyfriend and three others to brave the flames to rescue the animals. “It was pretty much a miracle,” Yvonne said. “These helpers, they walked through fire to rescue our horses.”

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