Rebecca Law's search for a gift idea turned into a campaign for better representation of dark-skinned people. Returning home to northern BC from visiting her family in Trinidad and Tobago, she wanted to make her niece a doll. But the examples she found online were depressing -- sock monkeys or 'mammy' dolls. So she learned how to make her own, and then set a goal for herself: make 100 of them. She built a website and has a GoFundMe page that helps with supplies. She asks people to make their own sock dolls and to send a photo so she can add to her website. "I find myself crying silently in my own home when I experience a feeling of not being seen for who I am, or what I look like, or for being beautiful and unique," she says. "I don't want that for my niece. I don't want my sons to accidently Google black or brown anything to have it come up with something that hurts their soul like that."

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