Ukranian refugees are being welcomed into Germany with open hearts and arms. Upon arrival into Berlin's central railway station free train tickets to anywhere in Europe are being offered to those who want to continue on. For those who don't know where they should go, they are ushered to a room welcoming them with food, drinks and sim cards for phones. There are medical teams, translators, volunteers and organizers all there to help. German families are holding up signs offering their homes to stay in. One person took in 13 people. Despite the numbers of refugees arriving, it seems there are more than enough German families to take them in. Matina and her husband Timmo have moved into one of their children's rooms. Their 13-year-old twin girls, Juna and Joli, are now sharing a bedroom. "When we started reading the news we said, right away, we need to take someone in, to give someone peace, because it could have been us, this is how we feel," Timmo says.

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