An MRI scan isan uncomfortable experience for many adults. And forchildren, having to lie still for up to an hour in the midst of strange noises can be downright terrifying. It is no wondermore than 1,500 hospitals applied in a single day when the LEGO Foundation announced 600 LEGO kits of miniature MRI scanners would be given away for free to hospitals worldwide. The 500-piece sets help turn a stressful experience into a playful, positive one, and have even helped reduce the need for anesthesia. The kits facilitate role play and dialogue and the foundation developed training videos for hospital staff to help children through the process. I'm extremely proud of this project and the positive impact it's already had. I've seen first-hand how children have responded to these models, says LEGO employee Erik Ullerlund Staehr, who initiated this project as a personal passion with a Danish hospital in 2015.

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