The cultural and creative sectors have been hit hard by the pandemic, with over 10 million jobs lost worldwide in 2020, according to a report by UNESCO. But the Star Cinema Grill, a historic theater in Houston, TX, US, that opened in 1939 and closed in 2021, is getting a reprieve, thanks to “a little army” of supporters. Kyle Vaughan, one of those supporters, is part of a group that acted out “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” every month before the pandemic, with the theater being a “safe space for queer youth” during those midnight showings. The theater is set to reopen by the end of 2022, thanks to supporters who banded together to raise awareness and funds for the project. Art has always been essential for wellness and healing, especially during a crisis. People flocked to movie theaters during the Depression, and currently in Ukraine, refugees are sometimes greeted with live music outside train stations to give them a moment of hope and peace.

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