New York City Mayor, Eric Adams, announced on March 24 that the city will begin offering free doula access to families. Today, we are announcing a multifaceted initiative to help reduce the inequities that have allowed children and mothers to die at the exact time when we should be welcoming a life," said Adams in a statement. "By expanding and investing in both doulas and midwives, we are taking the steps necessary to begin to address the disparities in maternal deaths, life-threatening complications from childbirth, and infant mortality. Dr. Jacquelyn McMillian-Bohler, a certified nurse-midwife and assistant professor in Duke University's school of nursing said, "Our health literacy is poor across the board, and then when you add racism on top of that, it just creates another layer. That's what we're doing with the doula, we're trying to attack that health literacy piece that really affects outcomes."

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