Yuri and Dr. Lana Yanishevski emigrated from Kyiv, Ukraine to the US in 1991. Having loved ones still living in the country, when Russia invaded Ukraine, they grappled with a lot of tough emotions. Now the couple translates medical records for Ukrainian children with cancer who need to be evacuated to other countries to continue their treatment. "It's very important," Dr. Yanishevski, a pediatrician in private practice in Memphis, said. "Every chemotherapy protocol depends very much on the good diagnosis and the diagnosis already made. Doctors need to know what was done, which treatments they're on and which arm of the treatment. So without the translation, it's very difficult." More than 200 people around the world are helping to translate the files. When a medical record becomes available, the group receives a WhatsApp message. Whoever is free claims the file and they receive an email with the medical record.

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