Kensey Jones, a second-grade teacher at St. Michael's Episcopal School in Richmond, VA came up with a class project to help hard-to-place animals for adoption. Her students wrote messages from the animal's point of view, addressed to their adopters. I'm cute and I have short hair. I can cuddle and bark. Please adopt me, read one letter with a child's handwriting. Marie, who adopted one of the animals, said, Each dog had a little story posted outside their door. It was really adorable. Jones has been a volunteer at the shelter for four years. She pitched the concept to Christie Peters, the shelter's director, who loved the idea.All dogs deserve a loving home, said St. Michael's second-grader Danielle Petroski. I'm so happy to be able to help neglected animals find good forever families. Jones makes a class announcement each time an adoption is finalized, and the students cheer.

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