In Strathroy, Canada, a business owner is taking only positives away from an early morning encounter with a man experiencing homelessness who was taking shelter in his store. Mike Balasin owns Pure Water Solutions; recently he went in early to set up for a delivery. It was about 6:30 AM when we walked into his 24-hour water distribution vestibule located at the front of his otherwise locked store and he encountered a many sleeping on the vestibule floor. The man was startled and immediately said, "Whoa, I'll get out of here." Balasin encouraged him to stay where he was, telling him that it was still cold outside. He said, "Relax it's warm, just stay here. Be comfortable. You are fine here." The man then offered to help Balasin load up the supplies for his delivery and afterwards the store owner made a coffee for both of them. When Balasin came back later, he found a handwritten note that the man had left for him. It said in part, "Thank you for the coffee. I really appreciate it. And thank you for being so kind and understanding."

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