Ghana's only glassblower produces dozens of eclectic pieces a week -- using only recycled TV screens, windowpanes and soda bottles. Michael Tetteh first discovered glassblowing in 2012 after spending two months in France and the Netherlands learning the craft. He worked alongside other Ghanaian beadmakers, and then on his own. Tetteh set up his own "hot shop" in Odumase-Krobo, one of the epicenters of Ghana's traditional glass bead culture. Undeterred from lack of money, he built furnaces from scrap-metal and clay using on-line tutorials. Tetteh's strict use of recycled materials, which he collects from scrap yards and landfills in the capital of Accra, is part of his mission to reduce the country's glass waste and what he considers wasteful imports. "I want to make Ghana beautiful," he said.

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