Chairman and co-founder of Arizona Iced Tea, Don Vultaggio, knows the value of relationships. He said, “To me, the worst day as a salesman is to go to a retailer and say, ‘Hey, by the way, I’m raising the price on that can today.'” When they started thirty years ago, Arizona Iced Tea was 99 cents. And it hasn’t changed. With aluminum prices rising 17.03 percent starting in 2022, instead of cranking up the value of its iced tea, the company is shaving off how much aluminum it uses by narrowing the neck of its cans. “If you keep doing those things, you can kind of offset costs and rising costs, and get the consumer value and the ability to buy your product and everybody’s happy," Vultaggio explained. "Everything (people are) buying today there’s a price increase on. We’re trying to hold the ground and hold for a consumer who is pinched on all fronts."

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