“Safe, reliable, and courteous. That was his motto,” says Margaret Zinck, a family friend of John MacLellan. MacLellan was a taxi driver in Antigonish, Nova Scotia until age 89. MacLellan died in 2018 at the age of 96. He left $1.68 million dollars to the local hospital. Zinck said MacLellan loved being a taxi driver and took pride in doing the job well, "I think he knew most of the history of Antigonish and people's problems." Residents knew they could call him for a ride, she said, even if they were without money. The $1.68 million has been put into an endowment fund to be used for new hospital equipment and medical training. “We are so very grateful to John MacLellan," said Meghan MacGillivray-Case, chair of the St. Martha’s Hospital Foundation. "It's just so impactful to the community here."

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