Eight new wild and whimsical lost species around the world claimed a spot on Re:wild's top 25 most wanted list. The list ispart of the organization's Search for Lost Species program -- a Guinness World Record-setting quest to find and protect species lost to science. The eight species replaced those that have been rediscovered since the project began in 2017. They include the Jackson's climbing salamander, aspotted afresh in Guatemala in 2017; the Fernadina Galapagos tortoise, rediscovered in 2019; and the solver-backed chevrotain, which was caught on camera in Vietnam in 2019. When we launched, we weren't sure if anyone would rediscover any of the wildlife on our most wanted list, said Barney Long, Re:wild's senior director of conservation strategies. Each new rediscovery has reminded us that we can find hope in even the most unlikely situations and that these stories of overlookedbut fascinatingspecies can be a powerful antidote to despair.

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