It is a coveted job running the Penguin Post Office at Port Lockley on Goudier Island, Antarctica for 5 months each year. Employees are responsible for maintaining the site, catering to the tourists, tallying penguins, and collecting environmental data. Employees live in a small lodge without running water, internet, or cellphone service. “We are looking for people who are fit and resilient and really love meeting people and visitors,” says Camilla Nichol, the chief executive of the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust, the charity that hires people each season. Established as part of a top-secret mission in 1944, Port Lockley became a historic site and monument in 1995. Lucy Dorman has worked on the island for 2 seasons. “There’s a lot of hard work,” she says, but she cherishes the chance to share the site’s significance with the thousands of visitors. “It’s an extraordinary place.”

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