In the mountains of Japan's Shikoku island, a town of 1,500 residents is on an ambitious path toward a zero-waste life by 2030, having made a declaration in 2003. The town is well on its way to having a circular economy and estimates that it is more than 80 percenttoward meeting its zero-waste goal. The Zero Waste Center, run by 24-year-old Momona Otsuka, is the town's recycling facility, where residents can sort their garbage into 45 categories. At the KuruKuruShop (meaning "round and round"), local residents can drop off items they no longer need so others can take them for free. The craft brewery collaborates with different companies to use leftover food ingredients. As for Hotel Why, it is decorated with reused materials and emphasizes just what you need. And you will not need a menu at Caf Polestar, since only one dish is available for lunch to reduce waste. About 40 people share a handful of cars so they can drive residents or visitors where they need to go.

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