Anita Cardinal-Stewart wanted to be a lawyer since she was 15. Now, at 45, she is over the moon to be graduating law school at the University of Alberta, having overcome many challenges. At 17, she became pregnant with her first son; then, later on, with two more boys. As time went on, she still felt her heart pull her toward a law career, but it took seven years of night classes, early mornings, working full-time, and caring for her family. Her achievement was recognized with the Justice Rosalie Silberman Abella Prize from the Royal Society of Canada. "We are still a very small community but we are growing and it's time we represent ourselves, because we understand our issues and we understand what needs to be done," she says. She hopes to inspire her sons, grandson, and other people like her. "If they can have someone to look up to and be inspired by to reach for their dreams and their goals no matter how late in life that is, it's absolutely a win for all for us."

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