Adi Daliot was in his 60s when he discovered that his father, Hubert Pollack, helped save over 10,000 Jews in Nazi Germany during the years leading up to the Holocaust. Now 84, Daliot is finally seeing his father honored for his courageous acts. Hubert Pollack will posthumously receive the Jewish Rescuers Citation, an award created in 2011 to honor and recognize the Jewish rescue of fellow Jews during the genocide. In the 1930s, Pollack worked in Berlin as a statistician for the German government. Together with two other men, he helped execute a risky plan to issue thousands of exit visas for German Jews seeking to escape the Nazi regime. My father is reaching the end of his life, said Ofer Daliot, Pollack's grandson, and he's been fighting to write this background and build recognition for the Pollack family, so he's very excited that his father is finally getting recognition.

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