Delivery driver Sophia Furtado was dropping off a pizza at the end of her shift on Feb. 11 when she saw Caryn Hebert Sullivan lying at the bottom of the stairs, bleeding from the head. Furtado, who once trained to be an emergency medical technician, called 911, and cared for the woman until an ambulance arrived. "The doctor said, 'Another 10 more minutes and you would have been dead,'" said Caryn, who is recovering after emergency surgery. "For her to show up at the time she showed up and to handle herself and to be there, to take control and take everything she did, it all just saved my life. She is my guardian angel." The Fairhaven Police Department gave Furtado a lifesaving award, and DoorDash, for whom she delivers food at night, has given her a $1,000 educational grant.

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