Almost 60% of renters in Newark, New Jersey spend more than a third of their incomes on housing, qualifying them as cost-burdened. Thanks to hip-hop legend and actress Queen Latifah, a new development that will address the neighborhoodhousing crisiswhere she grew up should be completed in 2023. The 76-unit, mixed-use project will house 20 three-family townhomes and 16 affordable housing units for those earning less than 80% of the city's median income. The 1,900 square foot property will bedesignated for use by community nonprofits, a fitness center, business center, and electric vehicle charging stations. "I saw what was needed on this block, houses that weren't lived in. Some were really dilapidated, and so I thought, 'Why not here?'"Latifah explained at the ground-breaking ceremony. The RISE Living complex, an acronym for Rita is Still Everywhere, is a tribute to her late mother.

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