All third graders at Bernard Black Elementary School in Arizona will have a full ride scholarship to college, thanks to a local nonprofit. The funds were raised by the Rosztoczy Foundation, an Avondale, Arizona, nonprofit that runs a College Promise program to help send students to college. Participants need to graduate from Bernard Black Elementary School as well as a high school in the Phoenix Union High School District. They can go to college in or outside of the state. Tom Rosztoczy and his wife started the College Promise program in 2011, helping 84 students at Michael Anderson School. With the help of family, they expanded the program, which led them to Bernard Black Elementary School.The kids and their parents have time to re-think their future with respect to education and then get academically prepared. We also wanted them to be old enough to understand what it means. Third grade felt right last time, so we just did it again, Rosztoczy said.

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