A manufacturer of children’s toys is expanding representation for kids who use wheelchairs -- with its first-ever remote-controlled wheelchair toy. The toy was created in collaboration with five-time Wheelchair Motorcross World Champion and Paralympic athlete Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham and Hot Wheels. Fotheringham, who was born with spina bifida and a full-time wheelchair user since the age of eight, is known for performing elaborate tricks and back flips in his wheelchair. His motocross career also began at the age of eight, with a visit to a skate park. His brother suggested he try dropping into the skate ramp on his wheelchair. After several failed attempts, he succeeded and became obsessed with the skate park. For Fotheringham, the collaboration is a dream come true. The athlete says that he “couldn’t even believe it” when Hot Wheels approached him for the partnership. “For Hot Wheels to want to do my chair was the biggest compliment ever,” he said. He hopes the toy helps shift public perception of wheelchairs, showing that a medical device can also be fun and adventurous.

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