If you visited Wisconsin's White Lake School in the winter, you might see students pounding pegs into three sugar maples on the front lawn. The massive old trees are home to an intriguing school project: syrup tapping. Fourth grade teacher Jonathan Wood has been leading sap projects for students in rural Wisconsin classrooms for nearly 20 years. This year, his class collected 30 gallons of sap over three weeks. "My favorite part about collecting sap is that we got to do it," said one student. "The students were in charge of it." The students pound pegs, called spiles, into the trees, attach collection bags, and check each day to measure and empty the contents. At home, Wood boils the sap into maple syrup, jars it, and returns it to the students to eat in class with ice cream and to take home. "It tastes smoky, and if you make it yourself it just tastes better!" said one student.

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