For the past nine years, Canadian chef Jessica Rosval has worked with Italian chef Massimo Bottura in Modena. Now, Rosval helps women who immigrate to Italy find careers and integrate into life in a new country, just as she did. Her restaurant, Roots, trains women to become chefs who introduce Italians to the flavors and dishes of their homelandsCameroon, Guinea, Tunisia, and Ghana. In addition to teaching them how to run a kitchen, Roots taps into a network of government agencies, small businesses, and volunteers who help with everything from how to manage household finances to workers' rights and dealing with bureaucracy. Roots offers them the community that helps them "create the lives they came to Italy dreaming of," just as Rosval did when she came to Milan from Canada in 2013, not knowing anyone nor how to speakItalian, but creating a new life through Bottura's kitchen.

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