Heinz thinks the "Ketchup Bottle of Tomorrow" will be made of sustainably sourced wood pulp, but it will be a while before consumers see paper bottles of ketchup on grocery shelves. The company is working with Pulpex to develop a bottle that will be paper-based, renewable, recyclable, and sourced from sustainable materials and will have a much lower carbon footprint than glass or PET. Pulpex says the bottles will be fully recyclable, and will biodegrade if thrown away. Once Heinz and Pulpex develop a prototype, it will be tested first by the companies for performance and then by consumers. While other food brand are looking for more environmentally friendly packaging, Heinz's ketchup will be the first sauce in paper packaging. Kraft Heinz's goals for sustainability include making all of its product packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025.

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