After two years of a life-altering pandemic, Americans are reevaluating their priorities when it comes to work and how it impacts their overall life satisfaction. Nearly two-thirds of Americans said their idea of a happy life shifted during the pandemic. The shift among younger workers was even more dramatic: 74% of millennials and 68% of Gen Z are reassessing their lives and goals. "There's a great reassessment happening," said Libby Rodney, chief strategy officers at The Harris Poll." There's this kind of "awakening" that Americans are having now where they're realizing that making money is no longer the most important thing for them she said. "We started to see a [new] set of expectations about how people want to work, and how they're willing to work now. It's really shifting the way that we think about energy, our personal wellbeing -- and managing that energy over money," Rodney said.

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