The German parliament is slashing public transit fares nationwide this summer, offering a glimpse of what a lower-emission future might look like, even if it is a response to higher energy costs caused by Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The ultra-cheap fares might encourage Germans to permanently adopt less carbon-intensive travel modes. For three months starting on June 1, a single month's travel ticket will cost just 9 euros ($9.56) for all subways, buses, trams, and regional trains. While faster intercity train services are not included, 9-euro ticketholders can still be able to travel the whole country using regional services, and tickets bought in one region will be valid nationally. To further address rising energy bills, working adults will have a one-off 300-euro payment added to their wages; self-employed will pay less tax. Parents with small children will receive 100 euros per child, a figure doubled for parents receiving public assistance.

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