Inside a white Sprinter van with the logo "St. Rita's Traveling Bookstore and Textual Apothecary" printed on the side is literally a bookstore on wheels. Driven by Rita Collins, a 70-year-old lady from Baltimore, the 600 volumes of books lining the inside of the van are specially set at a 15 degree angle to prevent them from falling as she drives throughout the United States. Already, Collins has been to 30 states, and has journeyed across the country three times. The bookstore on wheels is the product of many fortuitous encounters: a mechanic who found the van with the suited specifications, an architect who designed the shelves for travel, and the good hearts of people—young and old—who come to read, buy, and donate books to the shelves. For Rita, she feels grateful for meeting all these people she might not have otherwise. “I can’t imagine a better way of spending time than the traveling bookstore," she says.

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