Boston will begin curbside food waste collection in August, making it easier for households to dispose of household food waste while reducing the city's reliance on landfills and incinerators. Food waste is one-third of the city's current waste. Garbage to Garden will turn the waste into clean energy, while Save That Stuff will make compost for parks, gardens, and schools. Any Boston resident living in a residential building with six units or less can enroll. This year's program will be capped at 10,000 households, with the goal of adding 10,000 or more every year. In July, "starter kits" will be delivered to enrolled residents, which include a manual, liners, kitchen bin, collection bin, and a magnet outlining what is and is not accepted. Accepted materials include coffee grounds, fruits and vegetables, meat and seafood, and eggs. Boston's Zero Waste Plan outlines the city's strategy to reduce its waste by 2035.

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