As lettuce prices hit $12, some growers have raised their prices. But not Sam and Susie Higgins, who started their farm in South Australia a year ago because they wanted tastier and reliably sourced food. Depending on one food source leaves us "open to feast and famine," Sam says. They left their jobs as a plumber and a teacher to start the farm, where people can get their hands dirty and children can see where their food comes from. "We wanted to build the community by having something where people can come with their families, learn things, and share things," said Sam. Karlie Bell volunteers with her husband and two young sons. "Earlier in the year we were hearing stuff about supply lines being interrupted, food prices, cost of living going up, that's what prompted us to establish this, but since then we come back because we just love it," she says. "After a day's work at the farm, we always leave feeling happy."

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