One of these days, you may be able to see a unique part of Canadian history outside the home of retired Saskatchewan plumber Garry Patterson—a full-sized Red River cart, an iconic symbol of the Métis people. The carts, pulled by horse or oxen, could transform into a raft or a shelter and were adapted for the uneven prairie landscape with offset wheels to create a smoother ride. "That's the one thing that sets the Red River cart apart from anything else; it was the way that Métis people had adapted the wheel to work on the Prairies," he says. Since 2019, he's made about 25 small-scale carts using recycled wood. Each has its own unique design and takes about 20 hours to make. He's started plans to build a full-size cart to display outside his home. Métis author and playwright Maria Campbell, a second cousin, says his grandfather also used recycled materials to make furniture for the family.

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