Fifteen years ago, William Dunn noticed that his 8-year-old neighbor often storming in and out of his house. When he asked him what was wrong, the boy mentioned that he didn't have a father in his life. Dunn, who grew up fishing with his father, offered to take the boy fishing, as it "always brought [him] peace" as a child. Pretty soon, he was teaching all the boys' friends in the neighborhood how to fish as well. Now, he still takes groups of kids, many of whom lack father figures in their lives, out every weekend to go fishing. In 2018, he started a nonprofit, Take a Kid Fishing Inc., where he and a group of volunteers have taught over 3,500 kids over the past three years how to fish. Affectionately referred to as "Big Will," he has offered peace, fun, and memories that last for all the children.  “Will is authentic and meets people where they are,” said Tom Pichette, a volunteer who has accompanied Dunn on numerous trips.  “Kids can sense that he’s genuine,” said Pichette. “They’ve been dealt some hard cards and they climb aboard with some tough stories. But Will always accepts them as they are.”

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