In British Columbia, Canada, an innovative program through Simon Fraser University is matching seniors with rooms to rent with students who need housing. While the program has financial benefits for both the seniors and students, the more impactful benefit may be reducing social isolation. "It's lovely for me, and also, I must say, for my kids who don't live nearby and know that if I fall down on the floor, there's somebody who will eventually find me," said Michael Wortis, a senior who rents out a room in his house through this program. Mr. Wortis' renter, Siobhan Ennis, said, "Having somebody to share stories with, keep in touch with on a regular basis–that kind of routine, I think of–it was really nice to have that stability." Canadian Census data identify an aging population and an increase in one-person households. Programs like this can help reduce social isolation, create safety for vulnerable people during extreme weather events, and help people financially.

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