The United Nations estimates that 1.1 million Ukrainians have made their way to Russia since Russia’s invasion of their country. Many Russian citizens are stepping up to help the refugees. These volunteers, who are not supported by the state, use online chats and groups to coordinate responses to calls for assistance. Some are providing legal advice, others shelter, and others are helping refugees get necessary documents. They are helping any Ukrainian, whether the person’s desire is to stay in Russia or to leave the country. Many have found a sense of purpose from volunteering during this difficult time. "Volunteering is a major help for anyone who is taking this terrible story [the war] very hard, who feels guilty and responsible for what happened. I try to get all my friends and acquaintances involved…Now they’re helping refugees and their life has some sort of meaning–one of my friends bakes pies for refugees, another looks for accommodation, a third takes people to Ivangorod," said Natalia Prokofieva, a Russian volunteer.

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