A dedicated charity shop volunteer spends 12 hours a week commuting to and from work – despite being 100 years old. David Flucker celebrated his centennial birthday recently, but still went to work the next day, as usual, at the St. Columba’s Hospice shop in Edinburgh, Scotland. David spends four hours per day traveling roundtrip to the shop – which he does regardless of the weather. The sprightly widower started working in the charity shop after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and spent two weeks being cared for by the Hospice. He just wanted to pay forward the kindness he received. “It’s a wonderful feeling to be doing something,” said the senior. The grandfather-of-seven says the shop gets a lot of donations and he checks them out to see if they’re OK. What he loves most about the work is the social aspect – when people “come in just to chat.”

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