Six hundred acres of neglected land in rural Indiana, US, will be transformed into Origin Park -- a $130 million climate-resilient park that will be one of the biggest park systems in the US. With a canoe and kayak launch, a canopy walk, a network of pedestrian, and multi-use pathways, it is first park anywhere in the Midwest to be planned with climate change in mind. The Ohio River is expected to hold 30% more water in 50 years than it does now, so the design includes elevated walkways and ground-level walkways to serve as paddling areas when water levels are high. "From the standpoint of the master plan, everything about this place comes back to the water," says Susan Rademacher, executive director of River Heritage Conservancy. Around 1.2 million people live within a half-hour drive of the park, which will provide around 2,300 jobs.

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