Small floating houses made from cardboard, known as Wikkelboats, are providing short-term hotel accommodation in the Netherlands' Rotterdam Harbor. The houseboats, made of 1.2-meter-long waterproofed cardboard segments weighing 500 kilograms, all feature a bathroom, separate bedroom, wall-integrated folding beds, unfolding TV set, and a hidden hot tub. Wikkelboat has seven floating houses in Rotterdam's Rijnhaven Harbors, positioned on a floating jetty, and two in North Brabant. As well as cardboard, the houseboats use other recycled materials and solar panels. The Wikkelboats could be part of developing Dutch cities on the water as part of climate adaptation. Rotterdam wants to connect the water with the areas behind all its abandoned inner city harbors, and Wikkelboat is planning new projects in various Dutch and Belgian cities with old harbors that are longing for a new purpose.

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